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Do not sabotage your own DUI defense

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2017 | Drunk Driving Charges |

If you are facing charges for a DUI, your goal is ultimately to avoid a criminal record. A guilty conviction can affect you years down the road as you try to get a job, and the way you handle your own defense can mean all the difference between innocent and guilty. Once you have been charged, there are ways you can sabotage your own defense without even realizing it.

Stay away from driving after license suspension

In North Carolina, if you are 21 years or older and have a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent, then you are considered impaired. If you are underage and have any alcohol in your blood, you could face serious consequences. When you are pulled over, it is likely that you will be arrested immediately and have your license suspended or revoked. If you continue to drive once you are released even though your license has not been reinstated, you could face additional fines and problems.

Remember your court dates

If you have been given a date to appear in court, you cannot afford to ignore it and not show up. If you fail to show, there may be a bench warrant issued for you, and you could spend your time awaiting trial in jail rather than out on bail. It also looks bad to a judge and prosecutor if you are not willing to cooperate. Ignoring your court date makes it seem as if you are blowing the charges off and you simply do not care, which reflects badly on your character.

Do not vent about the charges on social media

In today’s world, when something offends or upsets you, you may go to social media to vent about it and get support from family and friends. Anything you post on social media can be used against you, so it may be best to completely avoid the topic until your case is settled. Even if your privacy settings are strict, your information is still accessible.

Lay off the partying

Lack of self-control when partying is what got you in this position in the first place, and if you continue the behavior, it shows that you are not taking the situation very seriously. Any unsavory activities may influence the discretionary actions of the court, so it is best to lay low and stay away from alcohol until your case is complete.

Hire an attorney

The criminal justice system is complicated, and when your future is at stake, you need an attorney on your side who understands how important your future is. When you are facing DUI charges, we encourage you to meet with one immediately.


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