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Wide receiver faces drug charge for marijuana

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2017 | Drug Charges |

With the Super Bowl getting closer, sports fans are paying attention to any football news. North Carolina residents might like to know about the legal troubles of one of the Green Bay Packers.

Wide receiver Geronimo Allison was pulled over in Green Bay on Sept. 4 at 1:19 p.m. while traveling near Francis Creek on Interstate 43. The Dodge rental car he drove was reportedly going 81 mph in an area with a speed limit of 70 mph. After being stopped, a Wisconsin State Patrol officer smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. Allison said the smell was present because people were smoking in his vehicle the previous night, and he told the officer that he didn’t smoke or have any illegal substances in the car.

After searching the vehicle, two cigars were found that contained a substance that tested positive for THC. Allison received a speeding ticket that had a $200 fine and was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. A hearing for the marijuana charge is schedule for Jan. 23. If convicted, Allison could face consequences because of the NFL’s substance-abuse policy. A representative of the league noted that they wait until after court cases are finished to take action on substance-abuse charges.

A case like this illustrates the potential professional damage that could occur with a conviction. One may lose a job or face punishments or censure from an employer in some cases as there are careers where workers are expected to maintain a good reputation both professionally and personally. This might make fighting any charges especially important, and one may wish to consult an attorney when facing drug charges.


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