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Pastor accused of being involved in 9 robberies

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2017 | Felonies |

On Jan. 5, a North Carolina pastor was taken into police custody after he was accused of being involved in nine armed robberies in the Charlotte area. The 47-year-old man reportedly leads the True Love Church of Refuge.

Authorities were reportedly led to believe the pastor was involved after a 24-year-old man was taken into custody for committing three of those robberies. While this accused man was not believed to be involved in the church, it appeared that the authorities somehow connected the pastor to the crimes. He was ultimately accused of robbing a Family Dollar outlet and eight convenience stores in order to obtain money for drugs. He was charged with nine counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon and nine counts of conspiracy to commit robbery, among other charges.

True Love Church of Refuge stated that they were disappointed that a member was accused of being involved in criminal activity. However, they stated that they would continue spread their message.

Individuals who are charged with multiple felonies, including armed robbery, face serious consequences. In many cases, a conviction on a felony charge can result in years in prison, heavy fines and a loss of the job and home. The defense a criminal law attorney will draft depends on the circumstances surrounding the case, what is at stake and what evidence the prosecution has against the accused person. If the evidence is not clear, a lawyer may argue that the accused person was not involved in the alleged crimes or that he or she was an unknown participant. Otherwise, an attorney may negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutors that will result in some of the charges being dropped.


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