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Facing drug trafficking charges in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2017 | Drug Charges |

North Carolina has some of the nation’s strictest narcotics laws, and individuals who are convicted of selling or distributing large amounts of illegal drugs or their related paraphernalia face mandatory minimum custodial sentences just as they do under federal law. If you are facing serious charges like drug trafficking, you may wish to consult with one of our attorneys who has experience in this area and who understands how state and federal prosecutors approach their cases.

First-time offenders often feel that they will be treated leniently, but mandatory sentencing laws remove discretion and leave judges will few options. This means that not being in trouble with the law in the past will do you little good if you are convicted of selling or distributing significant quantities of cocaine, heroin, marijuana or other illegal drugs. It will also make no difference if you did not even intend to sell the drugs you are alleged to have been found in possession of.

However, this does not mean that individuals facing serious drug charges have no hope. Prosecutors must establish proof beyond any reasonable doubt in order to win a conviction, and police officers must operate within strict boundaries established by the U.S. Constitution. If law enforcement may have violated your constitutional rights or the evidence against you is less than compelling, we will often urge prosecutors to drop or reduce the charges against you.

Even when the evidence in a drug case is strong, prosecutors may sometimes be willing to show leniency in return for a speedy resolution. State and federal prosecutors are closely scrutinized and work under intense pressure, and they could decide that a modest victory is preferable to risking defeat in a courtroom. If you have been charged with trafficking and would like to learn more about your options, please visit our page dealing with these types of drug charges.


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