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How to increase your visibility as a biker to motorists

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Motorcycle riders concentrate on seeing road hazards as a matter of course, but it is vitally important that bikers be seen by motorists as well. One way to become more visible is to wear bright colors, or at least a brightly colored vest or helmet. Many bikers, however, like to dress entirely in black, which of course makes them difficult for drivers to see, especially at night or in bad weather. However, there are ways for all motorcycle riders to become more visible, color preferences aside.

Blind spots and brake tapping

Make it a point to stay out of a driver’s blind spot. While you will not always be able to do this, pass other vehicles quickly, then take up a position where the drivers around you can see you clearly. Furthermore, to ensure that the driver behind you is paying attention to traffic that is slowing down or to some other issue up ahead, tap your brakes. This will turn your brake light into a blinker, which should get the motorist’s attention.


Reflective tape makes your bike stand out


Attach reflective tape to the front of your forks and on any other part of your motorcycle that is away from a light source. Although it will not make a difference during the day, strategically placed tape will make your bike appear larger at night, and certainly more visible. You might also consider applying reflective gear around your wheel rims, good for being seen at intersections after dark.


Surprisingly effective auxiliary lights

Like reflective tape, additional light sources enable you to see better at night. Just as important, they will help motorists see you. Auxiliary lights can be added to the front and rear of your bike. Look for lights that you can set to different intensities and consider the kind that strobe in the back when you stop.

LED turn signals

Motorcycle design has definitely benefited from LED technology. LEDs have a long life and are not as prone to vibration damage as lights that contain filaments. These small but powerful bulbs shed a lot of light, and one of the best products available for bikes is the LED turn signal. When it is not activated, you have a very bright running light. When you flip it on for turning, the result is a bright, wider-than-average lighting profile.

Everything helps

The roads keep getting more congested and the problem of distracted driving continues to grow. As a motorcycle rider, you want to do as much as you can to be visible and stay safe on the road. Brighter colors, better lighting and defensive driving all help. If you do run into trouble, however, remember that an attorney experienced with cases involving personal injury and criminal defense is standing by to help.


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