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Bad drivers by states

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Many people travel to different states during the holiday period to visit family and friends, and with more cars on the road, the risk of accidents increase. A car insurance website has examined 2015 statistics from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration to create a ranking of the states with the worst drivers. North Carolina residents will be interested to learn that their southern neighbor, South Carolina, is third on the list. Texas and Louisiana are tied for first place.

Number five on the list is Delaware. The state has high levels of accidents caused by distracted drivers. North Dakota ranks as number four because it has on the highest drunk driving rates in the nation. South Carolina has the highest rate of fatalities caused by auto accidents. Drivers in Louisiana are the worst at obeying signals. Texas ranks among the worst in the nation in all five of the car accident categories examined in the study. Also in the top ten are New Mexico, Nevada, Alabama, Arizona and Montana.

Texas and Louisiana have been near the top of the list in previous studies. As the price of gas goes down, more people get on the roads, which creates more risk. The NHTSA says that people are more likely to get into accidents when they drive drunk and don’t fasten their seat belts. In 2015, the number of fatalities caused by auto accidents rose 7.2 percent in comparison to the previous year.

When people are injured due to the actions of a drunk or distracted driver, they may face expensive medical bills. If they are unable to work, they may incur more financial hardship because of lost wages. They may want to have the assistance of an attorney when seeking compensation for these and other losses.


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