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North Carolina responsible drivers can face drunk driving charges

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2015 | Drunk Driving Charges |

This summer Wilmington, North Carolina, residents will go to barbecues, family reunions camping or perhaps, even head for the beach. In addition, at all these events, alcohol may be served. Most of the time, a person can enjoy such beverages responsibly. However, that does not stop someone from being pulled over by the police and being accused of drunk driving.

Once pulled over, a driver may be asked to perform a field sobriety test. These tests can sometimes be difficult to perform, even if a person is sober, especially if that person is feeling nervous or intimidated. Furthermore, the interpretation of such tests relies on the subjective opinion of the officer, which may be biased. In other circumstances, a driver may be asked to submit to a breath test. A reading of 0.08 percent or above is enough to have the driver charged with driving under the influence. Nonetheless, breath test machines can be improperly calibrated, leading to faulty readings.

In any circumstance, it is undeniable that being accused of drunk driving can be a terrible experience. Accordingly, drivers accused of DUI may want to seek the advice of an attorney. The firm of Woody White Law, P.L.L.C., has the experience to handle DUI cases. Not only do these attorneys understand the law, but they also understand the penalties that an accused individual faces. They can help guide clients who wish to enter a not-guilty plea.

Being charged with drunk driving can affect a person’s life forever. It is important, then, to seek the right help when facing such charges, so one can avoid the potentially serious consequences. Reading the following overview of drunk driving in North Carolina may be of help.


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