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Avoid a DUI charge by making plans for New Year’s parties

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2015 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Drivers in North Carolina are familiar with others telling them to drive safe. Depending on the time of year and even the time of day that could mean very different things. In the winter months, it could mean drive cautiously and watch for ice on the roads. At night it could mean be attentive and don’t drive if you are too tired. During the winter holidays, it certainly means to avoid drinking and driving, especially during a major holiday celebration — New Year’s Eve. In fact, local authorities and organizations are stressing that North Carolina residents should make a plan for transportation to and from their New Year’s parties.

A recent report indicated that nearly 800 people die nationwide every December due to drunk drivers. It is also stressed that the month of December is one of the most dangerous time of year to be traveling on the roadways. Last year alone, 366 people died in drunk driving accidents in North Carolina.

Those arrested for and accused of drunk driving could endure serious penalties if they are charged with drunk driving. Drivers who are caught driving while impaired automatically have their driving privileges suspended for 30 days while they await trial. If convicted, they could endure harsher consequences such as a hefty fine and possibly even jail time, depending on the circumstances surrounding the charges.

When a driver is pulled over for suspected drunk driving or is involved in an automobile collision and is accused of a DUI, drivers should be aware of their rights. If an officer fails to properly conduct a sobriety test or does not follow procedures, the evidence collected against the driver could be dismissed. Drivers should be aware of their defense options, because it could help them to reduce or dismiss the charges against them.

Making a legal defense against charges such as a DUI can be difficult to initiate and navigate for some. In these matters, it is important that the accused becomes knowledgeable about their defense options and their rights. This will help preserve and protect their legal rights in the matter and help them carry out a strong defense.

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