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Man in downtown accident accused of DWI

On Behalf of | May 9, 2014 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Recently, a car accident here in Wilmington resulted in a DWI case arising.

Last Friday night, a man from Delco was driving a vehicle along Front Street in Wilmington’s downtown area. According to authorities, the man’s vehicle hit two parked cars after it went across the road’s center line and overcorrected. Authorities say the collision between the man’s vehicle and the parked cars led to a parking meter, a building and a pedestrian getting hit.

Three people suffered minor injuries in this accident: the Delco man, a passenger of the Delco man’s vehicle and the pedestrian. The three were transported to a hospital following the incident.

Authorities have accused the Delco man of impaired driving. The StarNewsOnline article which reported this story did not have details regarding what substance police suspect the man was impaired by or what specifically has led police to believe impairment was present. Following the crash, charges of driving while impaired and careless and reckless driving were brought against the man.

As this case illustrates, individuals who were involved in car accidents sometimes find themselves facing DWI charges. Facing such charges under any circumstance can be a shocking thing; thus, one could understand how facing such charges after going through the confusing and disorienting experience of being in a car accident could quickly leave a person feeling incredibly overwhelmed.

Thankfully, a person doesn’t have to try to navigate this situation on their own. Individuals accused of DWI can seek out the advice and representation of a defense attorney. Such attorneys can help such individuals with all of their questions and can give them guidance throughout all stages of DWI proceedings.

Source: StarNewsOnline, “Delco man faces DWI charge after downtown wreck,” F.T. Norton, May 5, 2014


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