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Heroin charges brought against North Carolina man

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2014 | Drug Charges |

Recently, a drug arrest was made of a man here in North Carolina. Charges of possession with intent to sell and deliver heroin, trafficking heroin by transportation, trafficking heroin by possession and maintaining a vehicle for controlled substances have been brought against him.

The arrest and charges came after police in Greenville conducted a search of a vehicle the man had gotten out of. Authorities say that 12 bricks of heroin and a large number of baggies typically associated with the packaging of heroin were found during the course of this search.

According to authorities, the following is how this search came about. A gang unit was conducting an investigation and this investigation led to police deciding to make contact with the man. The man was getting out of the above-mentioned vehicle when authorities made contact with him. Authorities then asked the man if they could search the vehicle. The man purportedly gave consent.

One thing this case shows is that in some drug crime cases multiple types of drug charges are brought against a person. Such cases can be particularly complex given that each type of drug charge has its own particular elements and sentencing possibilities attached to it. For example, some drug charges, like trafficking charges, have mandatory minimums associated with them.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys understand the different types of legal issues that different types of drug charges can give rise to and can take such issues into account when building a defense for a particular drug crime defendant.

Source: The Daily Reflector, “Man busted with heroin,” March 7, 2014


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