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Wilmington woman facing DWI and texting while driving charges

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2013 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Recently, intoxicated driving allegations have been leveled against a woman here in Wilmington in relation to a traffic accident involving some parked cars.

The woman in question is 22 years old. Early on Tuesday, she was driving a motor vehicle at an apartment complex in the Wilmington area. According to authorities, the woman’s vehicle then struck three parked cars.

According to witnesses, the woman then left her car and went to an apartment. Police eventually found the woman.

Authorities allege that the woman was looking at a text at the time of the accident. They also claim that she was engaging in intoxicated driving. The WWAY article which reported this story did not give any details as to what evidence police have in support of their claims. Texting while driving and DWI charges have been brought against the woman.

One of the things that it can be important to closely look into in DWI cases is the evidence authorities bring forward in the case. If there is anything present in a case which indicates that the evidence authorities have brought may be of suspect accuracy or may not have been obtained properly, it is very important that it be brought to light.

One type of evidence that is fairly common in DWI cases is breath test evidence. Some questions it can be important to ask in connection to breath test evidence are:

  • Did authorities administer the test properly?
  • Were the machines used to conduct the test in proper working order?
  • Were any factors present that could have affected the test’s accuracy?

Experienced criminal defense attorneys can look into such questions for defendants in DWI cases.

Source: WWAY, “Woman charged with DWI after crash into parked cars,” Makenzi Henderson, Dec. 17, 2013


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