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North Carolina mayor accused of check crime

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2013 | White Collar Crimes |

Recently, check crime allegations have been leveled against the mayor of a city here in North Carolina.

The mayor in question is Bernita Sims, mayor of High Point. Authorities say that, in relation to an estate settlement, Sims wrote a check for $7,000 and gave it to someone. Authorities allege that, at the time Sims did this, she was aware that there were not sufficient funds in the account linked to the check to cover the amount written.

A Class H felony charge of passing a worthless check has been brought against Sims in relation to these allegations. The fact that the amount Sims is alleged to have written the check for exceeded $2,000 is the reason why she is facing a Class H felony charge in this case.

Since the bringing of the charge, Sims turned herself in to authorities and was released on bond.

There are many different details that can be very impactful in check crime cases and other financial crime cases, and thus that it can be very important to carefully look into and scrutinize. One of these details is how much money a purported crime is alleged to have involved.

What the amount alleged is can impact what charges a defendant can face in relation to the crime they are accused of. For example, in some instances, it can make the difference in whether a person is charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. It can also have an influence on what punishments a person can face if they are convicted.

Source: WGHP, “Bernita Sims turns herself in after felony indictment,” Nov. 19, 2013


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