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Pot smell leads to search, drug charges in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2013 | Drug Charges |

Drug possession charges are very serious and can result in lengthy prison sentences for individuals convicted of drug crimes. A recent case in North Carolina shows the criminal charges individuals can face if a police officer suspects that an illegal substance is being used. 

Six people are facing charges for possession of marijuana after a police officer saw two people sitting in a vehicle and said he smelled marijuana. The officer also said he noticed the two people passing something back and forth, making the officer suspect the two were using marijuana. 

The police questioned the individuals in the car and also seized a rifle that was hidden in the trunk. While police officers were questioning the two people in the vehicle, the suspect’s boyfriend came up to car to see what was happening. The police said they found out the boyfriend was staying in a near-by hotel so the officers did a preliminary search of the hotel room. Police said they found a used marijuana blunt in the room where four men were staying.

After finding the marijuana, the officers searched the men and found several gift cards on one man who could not prove that the cards were his. The police suspected the gift cards were stolen and arrested the four men. Police said they usually would only give a citation for the marijuana offense but since the four men were from out of state, they took them into custody.

The police investigation also found that one of the four men in the hotel was driving a rental car. The rental agency gave police the permission to search the vehicle and police seized several items of clothing and shoes worth thousands of dollars.

This case is an example of the subsequent investigations and charges individuals can face if they are suspected of using an illegal substance. Like this case, if police suspect illegal activities to be taking place, they have probable cause to search your vehicle or hotel room. If any illegal substances are seized during their investigation, individuals can face very serious charges depending on what is found.

Source: The Daily Times, “Six from N.C. charged with drug possession,” Iva Butler, Sept, 23, 2013


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