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North Carolina bus accident injures 20 National Guardsmen

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2013 | Car Accidents |

One person is critically injured and 10 others have been taken to hospital after a bus overturned north of Charlotte on Aug. 23. The bus was carrying 20 North Carolina National Guardsmen when the accident happened. Local law enforcement as well as the bus company are continuing to investigate the cause of the crash.

Details surrounding the accident are sketchy. Reports indicate the bus was traveling north of Charlotte when it suddenly left the road and overturned. Images from the crash site showed soldiers unloading the overturned bus and uniting with loved ones. As of this writing, there is no word as to what caused the crash.

A total of eleven passengers were transported to a local hospital, one of whom had injuries described as critical. The rest of the passengers suffered minor injuries, and there is no information available on the condition of the driver. Neither police nor the bus company operating this particular charter have released public statements as to how the crash happened or whether or not the driver was at fault. The investigation is ongoing.

There are too few details to make an accurate guess as to the outcome of this investigation at this point. North Carolina law enforcement will continue to work alongside the bus company to determine the cause of the accident. Should the driver of the bus be found responsible for the crash, the passengers on board will be entitled to seek compensation through personal injury law suits directed both at the driver and at the bus company itself.

Source: Huffington Post, NC Bus Wreck Hurts 20 National Guardsmen, No author, Aug. 23, 2013


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