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Car accident in North Carolina sends 2 to hospital

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2013 | Car Accidents |

A red light violation very nearly ended in tragedy on July 23 after a two-car crash sent several people to the hospital. The car accident has resulted in charges being filed by North Carolina police against everyone involved in the crash. There is no word as to the current status of the injured parties.

Police have reported that the accident was prompted by one driver driving his vehicle through a red light at an intersection in Wilmington. This caused a vehicle traveling in a perpendicular direction to crash into the first car with enough force to flip the vehicle and trap the passengers inside. Arriving fire fighters had to cut the two occupants out of the vehicle in order to transport them to a local hospital.

There is no word as to the extent of the injuries suffered by the driver and passenger of the second vehicle. However, the driver of the first car has been charged with driving through a red light, and the driver of the second vehicle was charged with driving with a revoked license. His passenger was charged with allowing a driver to illegally operate a vehicle. There are no court dates currently set with relation to this case.

While the driver of the second vehicle may have been operating his vehicle illegally, it does not appear from the facts of this case that he was responsible for the car accident. He and his passenger may therefore be entitled to seek personal injury compensation from the driver of the first car in a North Carolina civil court. This filing would be handled separately from any existing police charges.

Source: wect.com, “Pedestrian dodges accident near 10th and Wooster, three charged,” July 23, 2013


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