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North Carolina legal rights following a serious car accident

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2013 | Car Accidents |

When an individual is involved in a North Carolina car crash, life takes a series of unexpected turns. The victim and their family are often consumed with attending to the immediate medical needs, which can take days or even weeks. Then the sometimes long process of recovery begins, which requires adjustment on the part of all family members. It can be quite some time before one’s thoughts turn to their options for legal recourse against the party responsible for a serious car accident.

One recent crash shows that one’s legal options are not always readily apparent. The incident took place in Rowan County, shortly before a weekday morning rush hour. A 69-year-old man was driving a Toyota sedan, when witnesses say he pulled out in front of a Ford Explorer.

As a result of the collision, a 10-year-old boy riding as a passenger in the Toyota sustained serious injuries and required emergency air transportation to a local hospital. The driver of the Ford was also injured in the crash, although the extent of those injuries was reportedly minor. The driver of the Toyota lost his life in the crash.

In this type of serious car accident, many believe that all chances of legal recourse ended with the death of the driver. However, should the North Carolina investigation into this wreck determine that the deceased driver was at fault in the matter, and that negligence played a causal role in the crash, the victims have the right to move forward with a civil suit against the estate of the driver. A successful personal injury lawsuit could result in an award of damages, payable from the estate of the deceased, which can help to cover the financial losses associated with the accident.

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