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Man arrested and held under $1 million bail for drug charges

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2013 | Drug Charges |

One way to keep an out-of-state man who is charged with drug crimes from exiting the state is by setting bail at $1 million. That’s the amount set for a 22-year-old male arrested on drug charges recently in Guilford County by North Carolina Alcohol law enforcement agents. The agents charged in arrest warrants that the accused possessed 1,042 doses of meth in his Guilford apartment on May 1, 2013.

The agents also claimed that on that date he had two pounds of marijuana brownies and one ounce of marijuana paste. They arrested and charged him with three counts of drug trafficking in methamphetamine and eight charges of possession of controlled substances with intent to deliver. He also was charged with maintaining a dwelling for controlled substances and possession of drug paraphernalia

The news report is sketchy and incomplete. It’s not revealed, for example, if the same amount of drugs, or any drugs for that matter, were found in the apartment when he was arrested and charged roughly two weeks later. There are likely undercover agents or informants involved, who may be claiming to have purchased drugs from the man and to observing the exact quantity that he possessed. Those details must await further revelations from the prosecution.

The sparse news reports indicate that the police are holding the information back at this time. In any event, the $1 million bail appears to be excessive and unjustified. If the accused — who is asserted to be from Danbury, Connecticut –obtains experienced counsel quickly, he may be able to get bail reduced to a reasonable amount. This is done usually through a motion for reduction of bail to the North Carolina county court.

With respect to a North Carolina prosecution on drug charges, the accused would be well-advised to meet right away with experienced defense counsel and go over precisely everything that happened. By sifting through the arrest papers and the exact police procedures, the accused can get a realistic idea of the strength of the prosecution’s case. Early in the case is always the better time to investigate and develop a strategy, whether it is to present a strong defense or to seek a negotiated plea agreement with reduced charges.

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