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Fatal car accident leaves 1 dead, 3 injured

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2013 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A Davidson County, North Carolina man died in a fatal car accident on N.C. 109. The car accident caused considerable damage and was difficult to clean up, leaving roads blocked for almost five hours. The crash resulted in one fatality and three injuries.

The initial car accident took place when a Nissan that was traveling south on N.C. 109 crossed over the double yellow line and struck an Impala that was traveling northbound. The collision was head on and resulted in the death of the Impala driver and serious injuries for the driver of the Nissan. Another collision occurred after the Nissan had come to rest in the southbound lane after the initial crash.

An Infiniti, unable to avoid the Nissan, hit the disabled vehicle. Neither the third driver nor his passenger was seriously injured in the second car accident. The North Carolina Highway Patrol is still investigating both parts to this complicated accident.

The police report notes that the driver of the Infiniti is charged with driving while impaired. No other charges have been filed at this time. Any other charges involving this car accident will likely be issued after a thorough investigation.

This car accident is complicated because of the two different collisions that occurred at the same scene. It would be possible, upon closer examination of the police reports and medical bills, that the injured parties could be eligible for financial compensation. There are laws that protect those that are injured and it is well within the rights of the injured to explore the possibility of restitution. The initial evidence suggests negligence on the part of the Nissan driver, likely opening the door to potential personal injury and/or wrongful death litigation in the civil courts of North Carolina.

Source: High Point Enterprise, “UPDATED: N.C. 109 back open after fatality,” April 11, 2013


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