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North Carolina truck accident results in fatality, charges

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2013 | Truck Accidents |

A dump truck driver is facing criminal charges in connection with a fatal accident in North Carolina. The driver turned left from a stopped position, directly into the path of an oncoming vehicle. A woman driving from the opposite direction tried to swerve left to avoid a collision but still struck the dump truck. The truck accident resulted in the woman’s death and injuries to her two passengers.

Both passengers were transported to a local hospital and were reported to be in good condition. Everyone involved in the crash was properly restrained. The Buick was reportedly traveling over 40 miles per hour at the time of the accident, whereas the dump truck was only traveling five miles per hour.

Authorities say the evidence suggests the truck driver failed to yield to the Buick. He is now facing criminal charges related to the death, as well as additional vehicle and traffic infractions. Authorities drew toxicology samples, but it may be a number of months before they receive the results.

North Carolina families who have lost a loved one due to an accident can seek justice through the form of a wrongful death lawsuit when the evidence indicates that negligence was involved. The accused man was reportedly working at the time the truck accident occurred, potentially allowing the family to seek civil action against both the driver and the company where he was employed. A successfully litigated civil case could result in a monetary judgment against any person or entity found liable for the accident that took their family member’s life.

Source: The-Dispatch.com, “Dump truck driver charged in death of woman,” Darrick Ignasiak, Feb. 4, 2013


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