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North Carolina man charged with assault after domestic incident

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2013 | Weapons Crimes |

A North Carolina man who reportedly found his wife with another man is now facing criminal charges. He is accused of assault, property damage and other actions after the incident. Authorities believe that the man arrived at a house and found his wife inside, apparently drinking with one of the male occupants. Roommates who were home at the time contacted authorities and claimed that the man forcibly entered the residence.

There was reportedly a physical altercation between the accused and the home’s residents. Once the man exited the home, he allegedly slashed his wife’s tires. Reports also indicate that a resident came outside as the husband was leaving, and the man hit him with his vehicle before leaving the scene. The resident did not sustain serious injuries in the accident.

Authorities obtained a warrant for the accused man and later arrested him. His bail has been set at $5,000. If he is convicted on any of the charges against him, it is possible that the man could spend a lengthy time in prison.

Because of this fact, it may be in his best interests to begin mounting an aggressive defense. Understanding his legal rights as they pertain to the charges against him could help him decide the best way to build a case that ultimately results in a positive outcome. North Carolina domestic incidents can be convoluted and involve emotional outbursts from both parties, often leading to altercations that result in police intervention. The charges against him could result in an uphill legal battle, but with a strong defense it is possible that the man could soon be able to put this assault allegation behind him and get his life back to normal.

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