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Man faces drug charges in North Carolina after fleeing police

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2013 | Drug Charges |

North Carolina authorities recently arrested a 32-year-old man after investigating what appeared to be a suspicious vehicle early one morning. He is now facing drug charges as a result of what occurred. The arrest came when officers arrived to the scene and say they noticed several people inside of the vehicle.

In checking the vehicle, officers say they spotted a bag containing white powder underneath a passenger seat. When the man was confronted about the contents of the bag, he reportedly fled the scene on foot. During the chase, the man allegedly discarded items on his person, and authorities later identified those items as heroin.

When he was apprehended, officials leveled two drug charges against him. In addition, he will also face charges of resisting arrest. He was jailed on a $10,000 bond. Unfortunately, this is not the man’s first brush with the law, and he has reportedly been convicted on drug charges before.

Every individual accused of a crime in North Carolina is presumed innocent. This man will have the opportunity to defend himself against these charges in a court of law. When drug charges are filed against someone, the severity is often linked to the type of drug and the amount the person is accused of possessing. This man’s charges are related to heroin and the intent to distribute the drug for sale, and both of the counts are felonies. With this in mind, he may have an uphill legal battle on his hands, especially with his prior convictions, so it would be in his best interests to understand his legal rights as he seeks to successfully argue his case.

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