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North Carolina couple arrested for drug charges

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2012 | Drug Charges |

A North Carolina couple has been arrested and is now facing drug charges. The couple was the subject of an investigation and subsequent search warrant from narcotics agents. When agents entered the home, they discovered what they called an ‘elaborate’ marijuana growing operation being run out of their home. Now the couple is facing several drug charges in the case.

During their search, agents allegedly discovered 38 marijuana plants in a variety of sizes inside of the home. Police officials seized those plants, drug paraphernalia and equipment believed to have grown the marijuana including irrigation equipment and lights. There were no details on how the couple may have come under investigation from authorities.

Both of these people are now facing a variety of drug charges, including maintaining a dwelling to keep and sell controlled substances and possession of drug paraphernalia. They are also accused of manufacturing, selling and delivery of a controlled substance. Authorities have also leveled a felony charge of manufacturing a controlled substance against the couple.

The drug charges that this couple is now facing could result in a lengthy jail term and heavy financial penalties. It would likely be in their best interests to understand the potential penalties if they are convicted on any of the charges against them. Doing so could help them mount a strong criminal defense in each of their cases. Both are innocent until proven guilty and will have the opportunity to answer to the accusations against them in a North Carolina courtroom soon.

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