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Man in North Carolina motorcycle accident still in hospital

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2012 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Drivers on North Carolina roads assume some responsibility for other drivers on the road as well as their passengers. When someone takes their eyes off the road or becomes otherwise distracted for more than a second, the results can be tragic. A motorcycle accident led to one man sustaining critical injuries. After the crash, he was rushed to a local hospital for medical treatment.

The motorcycle accident occurred when the man was traveling on his bike, and an SUV pulled out directly into his path. An investigating officer at the scene believes the rider may have tried to avoid the SUV, but was unable to. The extent of his injuries is currently unknown, but he has been upgraded from critical condition and is now in stable condition. He remains in the hospital as of the latest report.

The SUV driver will likely face charges in this case, specifically for failure to yield. As the investigation progresses, it could be possible that she will face further charges. This accident could have taken a tragic turn, but so far it seems as if the rider is physically recovering.

When a motorcycle accident occurs, the odds of a serious injury can be higher for riders than for drivers or passengers in a vehicle or truck. It may be awhile before this man is released from the hospital and resumes his normal activities. It is also likely he will incur high medical costs as a result of his hospitalization. As such, he may be able to seek compensation from the SUV driver through a North Carolina civil lawsuit. A successful suit, based on proof of negligence, could result in a monetary award to help him pay some of these bills and also assist him with any lost wages suffered as a result of this crash.

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