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North Carolina woman faces drunk driving and murder charges

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2012 | Drunk Driving Charges |

A North Carolina woman is facing charges related to a car accident that resulted in the death of a Southport man this summer. The woman was recently arrested and charged with second-degree murder following the alleged drunk driving incident.

The accident took place in July when the man was struck while outside and close to his home searching for his dog. The woman was driving at the time, allegedly drunk, and hit the man with her sport utility vehicle. After striking the man, the woman’s vehicle ran off of the road. She ran into a fence and then a tree. She and a passenger were treated for injuries.

She was also charged with drunk driving following the incident and she does have a prior drunk driving conviction from 2005, for which she received probation.

She is currently being held on a bond over $1 million dollars.

Drunk driving accidents are tragic and can affect many people. In some cases, however, people can be accused of things that may not resonate with the facts behind the case. Due to the ramifications of a conviction of DUI charges, it is important that defendants prepare a proper defense for a North Carolina court of law. It is important that DUI defendants fight for a just conclusion while also protecting their legal rights.

When drunk driving charges result from a fatal car accident as in this case, the potential consequences are very serious. However, even those facing less serious DUI charges are often wise to protect their rights and seek legal counsel, because even a low-level DUI charge can result in long-term penalties.

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