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North Carolina deputy injured and now faces drunk driving charges

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2012 | Drunk Driving Charges |

A North Carolina deputy is on the other side of the law after being accused of drunk driving. The deputy was involved in a motorcycle wreck and was transported to the hospital. He is now facing drunk driving charges after a trooper stated he noticed an alcohol odor from the man’s breath.

The man was seriously injured in the crash but has been upgraded from critical to serious condition. He is in the surgical intensive care unit, possibly suffering from head injuries. The man’s girlfriend stated he was on a ventilator and remains sedated for pain.

Toxicology tests are pending. He has a court date scheduled in December to answer to these drunk driving charges. Community support has gathered around the deputy in the form of a Facebook page.

Sometimes drunk driving accusations can be leveled against someone inaccurately. A conviction on these charges could have serious repercussions for this man and would likely affect his employment prospects in the future. As such, he would do well to ensure he is aware of his rights as they pertain to the charges against him.

Doing so could only help him as he struggles to recover physically and then begin to fight the North Carolina drunk driving charges. Mounting a relevant defense may be necessary for these charges because he may have an uphill legal battle ahead of him. However, he is innocent unless and until proven guilty and will have the opportunity to address and then refute the charges he is facing in a court of law.

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