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North Carolina car accident kill 1, injures several others

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2012 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A recent North Carolina car accident caused several injuries and ended in the death of one person. The crash occurred in the afternoon when a Honda overcorrected and collided with another vehicle. The car accident snarled traffic in the area for well over an hour.

The Honda was traveling west when it ran off of the road and the driver over-corrected in an attempt to bring the vehicle back into the proper lane. However, it crossed over the center line and ended up in opposite-bound traffic. The Honda collided head-on with an SUV. The force of the impact was so intense that it completely crumpled the Honda. The SUV came to rest in a ditch.

Each of the vehicles was carrying three people. The driver of the Honda passed away at the scene. All of the others were transported to local hospitals, one of them by airlift. Two of the survivors are in critical condition, but they are expected to make a full recovery. It is likely that authorities will seek criminal charges in connection to the accident; however, this will be delayed until additional interviews with everyone involved have been completed.

No details have been released on the reasons leading up to this North Carolina car accident or who the criminal charges will be leveled against. Any time a crash of this magnitude occurs, it can leave the families with more questions than answers. Once the accident investigation is completed, it could help families better understand why the accident happened and clue them in to who may be responsible. Such information can be valuable if the families seek legal action in a civil courtroom. Although criminal charges are certainly possible, it does not absolve the responsible parties of civil liability.

Source: Star News Online, “One dead, five hurt in car crash on N.C. 53,” Brian Freskos, Oct. 12, 2012


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