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Wilmington car accident with school bus sends 13 to hospital

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2012 | Car Accidents |

Any time students are involved in an accident it affects multiple families and stirs concern within the community. Recently, a car accident occurred in Wilmington that sent numerous people to the hospital. The collision occurred between a school bus transporting students from the Mosley Performance Learning Center and a car. After the car accident, all 13 students on the bus were sent to a local hospital to be examined for injuries.

Initial reports state that no serious injuries occurred and no one was admitted to the hospital, at least according to a school spokesperson. In addition to physical injury, it may well be that some of the children involved in the incident experienced significant psychological trauma from the crash. The driver of the car did not sustain any injuries but did receive a ticket. Details are scarce about this car accident and exactly what caused it. A spokesman for the school stated that school policy does not dictate that every student involved in an accident is sent to the hospital, only that they were attempting to act cautiously in the situation.

The parents of the students involved were notified and the principal went to see the children. Although there were no known serious injuries as a result of the crash, officials did not actually detail the injuries sustained or the medical treatments rendered. So far, it appears everyone was extremely fortunate in this accident.

When a car accident occurs that involves Wilmington students, parents have the right to be concerned. The driver of the car was the one ticketed, but the nature of the violation has not been reported. In many car accidents, injuries are not readily apparent, and chronic conditions such as back or neck pain may not cause pain until days or even weeks following the incident. If there were any injuries in this crash that required medical treatment, the parents may have the right to seek legal action against any party whose actions are deemed to have negligently caused or contributed to the frightening crash.

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