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North Carolina man charged with assault after domestic incident

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2012 | Weapons Crimes |

Domestic issues can be extremely complicated and can sometimes spiral out of control dangerously enough for the authorities to become involved. Emotions can run high in these types of cases and stories can sometimes be exaggerated due to the heat of the moment. A North Carolina man has been arrested and accused of assault in an incident involving his ex-girlfriend. The 52-year-old man is now being held at a local jail with his bail set at $50,000. He has been charged with assault on a female, kidnapping and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Authorities believe the man went to the woman’s home in an attempt to reconcile with her. He then allegedly grabbed the woman and pointed a firearm at her head. The victim stated she was able to calm the man down and then escape into another room. She hit a panic button which alerted the police to respond to her home. Officers arrested the man and confiscated a weapon he was allegedly carrying.

The man does have a prior arrest record, but it is important to note that he is innocent until proven guilty in this assault case. Any time a domestic violence incident occurs, people can say and do things that are out of character. However, that also does not mean that the situation happened exactly as claimed. In many instances, these types of charges are dropped or dismissed before they ever make it into the trial phase of the legal process.

This North Carolina man would do well to understand the significance of the charges he is facing. Due to his prior troubles with the law it is possible he could have an uphill legal battle on his hands. However, there is a possibility that evidence or further testimony in the assault case could be submitted that would help exonerate this man. For now, he would do well to focus on how he plans to deal with his current legal troubles.

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