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Wilmington couple convicted of drug trafficking will go to prison

On Behalf of | May 6, 2012 | Drug Charges |

Drug-related convictions in North Carolina can have serious consequences. Those convicted could be facing jail time, fines and other penalties, not to mention the damage it can do to a person’s reputation in his or her community. One couple recently discovered this after they were convicted of drug crimes.

In recent news, a husband and wife from Wilmington were sentenced to prison terms on drug charges. The husband received a much stiffer sentence than his wife and is required to serve more than eight years in prison. His wife will serve a little over two years behind bars. The couple was sentenced after pleading guilty to drug trafficking.

The couple was accused of receiving a package in the mail that contained marijuana, Ecstasy and prescription painkillers. In January, both pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute and possess a quantity of marijuana, Ecstasy and Oxycodone. The husband also pleaded guilty to a related weapon charge later. The package in question was mailed to the wife from another state, and once it was received by the couple, a search warrant was executed on their home. During the search, drugs and the weapon were discovered and seized.

As the couple serves their prison term, one thing appears certain: Those accused of drug charges in North Carolina, whether at the state or federal level, may suffer serious consequences if convicted, particularly if the allegations include trafficking. Nevertheless, it is important to know that those charged with crimes still have rights. While some people choose to fight the charges, others find that a plea bargain is a better option. Those facing drug charges may find it beneficial to investigate their options before deciding how to proceed.

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