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Man wanted by FBI for drug crimes caught in Wilmington

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2012 | Drug Charges |

A man wanted by the FBI for several alleged drug crimes has been arrested. He was arrested near the Hampstead Methodist Church in Wilmington, according to the Pender County Sheriff’s Department. The FBI Safe Streets Task Force, Wilmington Police, state troopers and the Pender County Sheriff’s Office all participated in the search for the man.

Before he was arrested, police say the suspect was involved in a police chase, during which he crashed into multiple vehicles, including one police car. He then attempted to escape on foot. He is now facing numerous charges, including possession of cocaine with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver; felony possession of cocaine; maintaining a car, dwelling or place for controlled substances; and manufacture of cocaine. His bond has been set at $513,000.

North Carolina and federal authorities take drug crimes very seriously. State crimes can carry life-changing penalties, and federal drug crimes often come with even harsher punishments. Depending on the charges against you, you could be facing jail time. Because of this, it is vital that anyone who has been charged with a drug crime have a clear understanding of their rights so they can protect their freedom.

Not only do drug crimes carry serious penalties, but the cases can also be extremely complex and complicated. There is often a lot of information about the case that must be reviewed, and understanding the legal system is imperative. To help navigate the process, speaking to a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in drug offenses may be beneficial.

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