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“Suspicious” marijuana charges for North Carolina man

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2011 | Drug Charges |

A 24-year-old North Carolina resident is facing drug charges after a police officer allegedly witnessed the man throwing “suspicious” items out of his car. Those items are alleged to include baggies of marijuana, but neither the number of baggies nor the amount of any claimed marijuana has been revealed. Marijuana seeds were also allegedly found in the man’s car, though the amount was withheld.

A Bladen County, North Carolina, sheriff’s deputy was purportedly investigating a breaking and entering when he was said to have received information pointing to the 24-year-old man as a possible suspect. The officer then pulled behind the man’s 1996 Ford Ranger near Highway 410 and claims to have seen the suspicious items being thrown from the car.

The man now faces a variety of charges, including possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana, manufacturing marijuana and maintaining a vehicle for a controlled substance. He also faces charges for possession of drug paraphernalia and giving fictitious information to an officer. His car was also seized by authorities. Interestingly, no charges were filed against the man for the purported breaking and entering the officer was said to have been investigating.

The man has been arrested before, and it appears prosecutors may try to paint the man as a habitual offender, which means the case may come down to an issue of credibility between the sheriff’s deputy and the person accused.

The charges pending against the man, particularly the allegations of manufacture and intent to sell or distribute, are serious. Penalties for conviction could include a prison term and fines, including forfeiture of his motor vehicle. The individual may well benefit from consulting a North Carolina criminal defense attorney who can help ensure that all legal rights are fully protected.

Source: WECT, “Deputies spot Dublin man throwing drugs out of a vehicle,” Ashley Barker, Sept. 29, 2011


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