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Federal mail fraud charges filed against former DMV head

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2011 | Federal Crimes |

The 53-year-old former head of the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicle’s License and Theft Bureau is facing federal charges of mail fraud, coming almost two years to the day after he resigned from his DMV post.

The mail fraud allegedly occurred when the man used his position to obtain money from insurance companies by representing that the money would be used to help law enforcement. However, authorities claim the money was not used for its intended purpose and was instead stolen by the DMV head. Allegedly, the man received $5,000 each from the North Carolina Farm Bureau, GMAC Insurance Management Corp. and the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

The defendant is scheduled to be arraigned in U.S. District Court in Greenville, North Carolina, in November.

He was previously charged at the state level with possession of stolen goods, misuse of confidential information for personal gain and obstruction. Those charges led to his resignation two years ago. He is alleged to have purchased three riding lawn tractors that were stolen. He also faces charges of concealing evidence and impeding efforts to prosecute other people in relation to the stolen tractors.

The man now finds himself fighting both state and federal criminal charges in two different courts. Conviction on the federal charges alone could lead to incarceration and financial penalties. And unlike the state criminal system, the federal system does not allow parole. In view of the fact these charges involve allegations of a violation of public trust, it can be expected that any conviction could result in a harsh sentence. The man would be wise to consult with a criminal defense attorney, who could help either plea down the charges or achieve an acquittal.

Source: Fayobserver.com, “Ex-DMV official in Fayetteville faces federal charges,” Drew Brooks, Sept. 18, 2011


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