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Man faces drug charges after sexual assault tip

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2011 | Drug Charges |

A North Carolina man faces drug charges after authorities pulled him over on US Route 52. Police in the area claim they received a tip that a sexual assault happened at a local business. According to police, a witness identified a silver car with a luggage rack at the alleged crime scene. Police say the witness also told them the car’s license plate number.

Various police authorities were instructed to keep an eye out for the silver car, which was said to be occupied by two adults and two children. An area-wide hunt for the car continued until a local police officer, with the assistance of highway patrol and the sheriff’s office, stopped the vehicle.

According to police, they arrested the 46-year-old male driver. There was no report of other passengers in the car, as was alleged by the witness. Police searched the car and found three bags of marijuana and a pistol. The driver was arrested on drug charges and felony maintaining a drug vehicle. He was also accused of misdemeanor carrying a concealed weapon and possession of drug paraphernalia. Police said they are still investigating the report of the sexual assault, though no initial evidence was reported to tie the man to the incident.

This case is a clear example of the lengths North Carolina authorities will go to arrest people they suspect of committing drug-related crimes. In this particular case, the police were acting solely on a tip unrelated to drug charges.

Being charged with drug possession is very serious. A North Carolina attorney well-versed in protecting the rights of people faced with drug charges may offer some insight and help to pursue the best result.

Source: Mount Airy News, “Mount Airy man arrested on drug, other charges,”, Aug. 28, 2011


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