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Son of Wilmington councilman’s injuries may leave him paralyzed

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2011 | Car Accidents |

A devastating vehicle accident has left the son of a Wilmington City Councilman paralyzed. According to a news report from WWAY, the automobile-bicycle accident that caused his injury took place as the young man was bicycling to Wrightsville Beach last month. Since that time, the accident victim has remained hospitalized.

City Councilman Charlie Rivenbark, spoke with reporters and confirmed that his son’s physical status has been upgraded from critical to fair condition. After spending nearly two weeks in the intensive care unit at the New Hanover Regional Medical Center, he’s finally been moved to a different unit.

The councilman told reporters that his son was regaining strength and is expected to start physical therapy within the next week.

From a medical perspective, it is possible that the young man will not regain his ability to walk. But, according to his father, he remains in good spirits and has developed a great attitude concerning his injury. The family is very thankful for the support of the Wilmington community during the course of their struggle, and looks forward to moving ahead with life.

Car accidents that result in such severe injuries often leave people wondering if something could have been done to prevent such a tragedy and whether or not justice will be done.

The victim’s injuries may be permanent and the plans he once had for his future will have to be adjusted to accommodate for his injuries. Because he was struck by a car, it is possible the victim and his family will seek damages for personal injury. Compensation in cases like this often helps recoup lost wages, offsets medical bills, and in some cases provides reparation for pain and suffering.

Source: WWAY-TV3, “ONLY ON 3: Rivenbark’s son out of ICU, not expected to walk again,” Katie Harden, July 22, 2011


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