Are you facing serious criminal charges of embezzlement, stealing a credit card or committing identity theft? Is your case about to be heard in federal or state court?

It is never too early to involve an experienced attorney to help you. Often, we can intervene at an early stage in the process and either avoid criminal prosecution all together, or lessen the penalties that you may be facing. If you are 100% innocent, then early assistance by experienced attorneys can help you by preserving evidence, and beginning the foundation of a strong defense.

At Woody White Law PLLC, our aggressive theft defense legal services benefit clients accused of offenses ranging from shoplifting to burglary, auto theft to armed robbery.

Woody White brings years of criminal defense experience, investigative resources, deep knowledge of criminal law and one-on-one personal service to put you in the best legal position possible after an arrest for theft.

At Woody White Law Pllc In Wilmington, The Stronger Your Attorney, The Stronger Your Case

A conviction for theft could put you behind bars for years, or return you to jail if a new theft charge constitutes a violation of your probation.

In addition to imprisonment, punishments include substantial fines, financial restitution to a victim and a criminal record.

You do not have to resign yourself to this worst-case scenario after an arrest for larceny, retail theft or theft from a business partner. Choose the strong defense lawyers who can make your case stronger. Come to Woody White Law PLLC.

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