Helping Parents Form A Path For Troubled Teens In Crisis

Teenagers in today's world face challenges like never before. Every teenager today is considered "at risk" simply because they ALL are at risk in some way.

They have instant access to everything online, like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. They also have immediate access to drugs, underage drinking, sexual awareness and other deviant behaviors many of them are unprepared for and cannot avoid.

Sometimes, because of these obstacles, teenagers turn to drugs and alcohol to cope, which often leads to legal problems and mental health issues.

Many teens will hide these issues from their parents because they do not want to get into trouble, or may not know the best way to discuss personal problems with mom and dad.

Questions Parents Of Teens Should Ask

If your teen is exhibiting any of the following behaviors, seeking help for your child is advised. Has your teenager:

  • Recently been engaging in risky behavior?
  • Has his/her personality changed seemingly overnight?
  • Have they started using drugs or alcohol?
  • Have they become too peer-oriented, and less interested in achievement and success?

As parents, we all share the same goals for our kids: stay in school, avoid criminal records, and grow and thrive into productive young adults.

Parents who tackle behavioral issues early on can help mitigate potential consequences their teens could face, like criminal records and college admission rejections.

Help From An Experienced, Board-Certified Criminal Law Attorney

If you are a parent and suspect your teen in on a troubled path, know that there are pathways to pursue.

Criminal defense attorney Woody White has decades of experience working with troubled teenagers and their families in New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick counties, in North Carolina.

Whether or not the criminal justice system is involved, hope always abounds. Let Woody White put his experience and proven track record of success to work for your family.

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