Parents Of Students Facing Charges

When your child's future is at stake, you want to know that you are working with an experienced legal team. Woody White Law PLLC dedicates itself to the legal representation of students and vacationers in the Wilmington area and North Carolina.

We are often contacted by parents who want their children to receive well-considered advice from attorneys holding seasoned legal judgment. They want to know that their child will be getting the best advice possible, which maximizes a positive outcome. Protecting a clean criminal record, as a young person is entering the job market, is a critical part of the advice we give to parents who are worried about how their child's legal situation may impact his or her future prospects. We have spent decades advising clients with respect to the ins-and-outs of how the legal system works in the Wilmington area. Every member of our firm is dedicated to protecting your child's rights and keeping your child's criminal record clean.

Strong Wilmington Juvenile Record Expungement Lawyers

We also work closely with those families who want to understand their child's rights with respect to expunging his or her criminal record. By preventing the criminal record from being seen by the public, expungement enables many of our clients to take advantage of opportunities that might have been available to them in some of the most important areas in life, including:

  • Career
  • Education
  • Family
  • Community

Whether your child is facing charges stemming from student crimes or from mishaps that occur while vacationing in our area, we can provide your child with comprehensive criminal defense representation. Our roster of attorneys includes a Marine veteran who has served as a state prosecutor. In addition, as a firm, we also draw on the experience of an attorney who is a board-certified specialist in federal and state criminal law.

Experienced Lawyers Assisting Parents Of Students Charged With A Crime

For a free initial consultation, call us at our North Carolina office: 910-338-4900. You can also contact our lawyers online. All communications between our firm and potential clients remain entirely confidential.