Public Relations Crisis Management

Helping You Mitigate Negative Effects Of A Crisis

As a battle-hardened courtroom litigator and successful public official, Woody White has seen it all. These battles - in courtrooms all across North Carolina - have given Woody the unique ability to see clearly when the smoke is all around.

If you need a crisis management professional - whether law enforcement is probing into your practices, an unexpected event occurs with an employee or you received some bad press over a business practice - Woody White can help.

From instant containment to rapid public messaging to navigating new and uncertain terrain, Woody White can assist with immediate media interaction and crisis containment, and help you navigate a clear path forward.

He is a veteran of hundreds of press interviews, TV appearances and press conferences. He has appeared on National news, on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and the TODAY Show. Woody has also appeared on multiple local media stations, and has been quoted in the L.A. Times, The New York Times and the Washington Post, among many other newspapers across the United States.

The First Step In Managing A Crisis

Excellent communication and messaging is ESSENTIAL in any crisis. Effectively conveying whatever it is you want to say, to the audiences you must speak to, is the first step in managing any crisis. Company spokespersons or individuals in a crisis often make errors because they either choose to say nothing or choose to say the wrong thing.

Woody White has the skills and relationships that you or your company needs. If you are in a crisis, do not take a step in ANY direction, until you first call Woody White.

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