Probation And Parole Violations Do Not Have To Beat You

Any violation of probation - failure to appear in court, provide restitution or submit to a drug test, for example - can result in the accused returning to jail.

Have you been charged with a probation violation such as alcohol use, failure to stay away from certain people, failure to meet with a probation officer or seek employment? Have you failed a drug screen or been charged with a new offense? These alleged violations need to be dealt with immediately, and your lawyer can often intervene and lessen the penalties that you may be facing.

In Wilmington, North Carolina, our experienced Woody White Law PLLC criminal defense lawyers handle local and state probation violation charges, and parole violations for those previously convicted of federal crimes.

Woody White uses his years of  experience in criminal law in general, and with probation issues specifically, to aggressively advocate for your rights.

This accomplished defense lawyer excels at case investigation, thorough case preparation and negotiations with the state that protect your interests.

Want To Avoid Returning To Jail? The Stronger Your Attorney, The Stronger Your Case.

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