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At Woody White Law PLLC , we apply experience, knowledge and skill to DWI/DUI defense. As members of the community, we are familiar with the courts, and we understand the guidelines the state legislature has passed for law enforcement to follow. We can answer all your questions concerning license revocations, temporary driving privileges, trial, defenses you may have and the process of entering a NOT-GUILTY plea and going forward to trial. In the event you plead guilty or are found guilty, then we can also go over the possible penalties you may face.

Over the years, our firm has handled thousands of DUI cases for clients in southeastern North Carolina. A DWI charge is serious, but it doesn't mean you are going to jail. Let us use our experience to help get results.

If you have been arrested and charged with drunk driving, choose the law firm that can make a difference in your case. Choose Woody White Law PLLC

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Our Skilled Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys Look At Procedural Missteps

Your case may involve serious violations of your constitutional rights. Every case we accept begins with a comprehensive and thorough review of your facts and circumstances. In some cases, law enforcement officers may have failed to comply with your statutory and/or constitutional rights. Why were you stopped by the police? What investigation did the officer do? Was it thorough, or did the officer simply rush through and assume you were guilty? We can answer all these questions, or any others, that you may have.

Each DWI/DUI case begins with the application of the rights all Americans enjoy under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. In North Carolina, this means that the police officer must have reasonable suspicion to pull you over, and then he/she must properly form probable cause in order to place you under arrest.

Once you have been transported to the law enforcement center for a collection of your breath sample, the chemical analyst must possess proper licenses to operate the Intoxilyzer or Electro Chemical Infrared R2 device that is used to determine the level of alcohol in your system. These are just a few of the issues that are involved in virtually every DWI/DUI case and that require the knowledge and experience of a professional criminal defense attorney.

Experienced And Available: Our DUI/DWI Attorneys Are Here For You

If you have been charged with driving while intoxicated, you are probably concerned about serious penalties such as potential loss of license, jail time, alcohol classes and the effect this may have on your insurance premiums or employment. We can address these issues and all questions you have, and we can discuss the possible consequences of a conviction.

While we can never promise a specific outcome, we can answer ALL of your questions and be with you every step of the way. We can also advise you on whether you need an alcohol assessment or substance abuse program that may alter the final disposition of your case.

No matter what the issue related to DUI/DWI defense, you can rest assured that we will conduct a comprehensive review of the facts of your case to determine all possible defenses and to ensure that the authorities respected your rights when you were arrested for driving under the influence.

We provide knowledgeable and experienced representation to people charged with a first offense DWI all the way to felony DWI. Woody White Law PLLC also represents minors charged with underage drinking and fake ID offenses.

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At the law firm of Woody White Law PLLC , our services in DUI/DWI defense and other criminal defense cases are professional, personalized and, above all, effective. Our satisfied clients speak volumes.

To obtain a free consultation to discuss handling your DUI/DWI charge and maintaining your driving privileges with Woody White, Board Certified Specialist in State Criminal Law, please contact us at our Wrightsville Beach drunk driving defense lawyers at our Wilmington office today.