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April 2017 Archives

How to obtain compensation for PTSD in car crashes

Depending on the circumstances of a car accident, it may be possible for victims in North Carolina and elsewhere to ask for damages related to PTSD. To successfully make a claim for mental distress, a doctor must make a correct diagnosis of the condition. The practitioner must be qualified to make the diagnosis, and it must be proven that the PTSD was caused by the accident.

North Carolina murder law

In North Carolina, a premeditated killing is likely to be considered first-degree murder. However, it is also possible to face such a charge if a killing takes place during the commission of another felony regardless of whether or not it is intentional. For instance, if someone was killed during the commission of a rape or kidnapping, the first-degree murder charge would apply. Penalties for committing first-degree murder include either life in prison without the possibility of parole or the death penalty.

Narcotics investigation expands to include hip-hop artists

Fans in North Carolina of hip-hop artist Chris Brown might not have new music of his to listen to if authorities issue charges against him as part of an ongoing narcotics investigation. Agents from the Department of Homeland Security have already charged a music producer known to associate with Brown with drug dealing. The trial of the 26-year-old man is currently underway, and evidence in his case has allegedly revealed that Brown sent him $15,000 through a wire transfer to pay for drugs.

Trend shows distracted driving fatalities increasing

North Carolina residents may not be aware with just how common an occurrence distracted driving has become. Distracted driving occurs when a driver is focused on another activity when operating a vehicle, such as texting on a smartphone, making calls, changing the music or even eating and drinking while driving.

Actor Adam Pally busted for drugs in New York

Even though marijuana is being legalized in many places, North Carolina readers should be aware that the drug can still get people into legal hot water. For example, actor Adam Pally was arrested in New York City on March 28 after he was caught smoking marijuana on a city street.

The dangers of smartphones while driving in North Carolina

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 88 percent of millennial-aged drivers around the country admitted to risky behavior while behind the wheel. The "It Can Wait" campaign from AT&T reports that around 70 percent of people said they used their smartphones in some capacity while driving. Almost two-thirds said they kept their smartphones where they could reach them, and 40 percent of people who used smartphones said they used social media while driving. Around 17 percent used Facebook, 14 percent used Twitter and 12 percent used Instagram while behind the wheel. Among those smartphone users, about 30 percent said they surfed the internet and 10 percent used video chat.

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