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White Collar Crimes Archives

Can the feds freeze my assets to prevent me from hiring a lawyer?

Should the federal government be able to freeze all of a criminal defendant's assets prior to trial, thereby preventing her from hiring her attorney of choice? That's a question the United States Supreme Court recently addressed. And its answer may surprise you.

What are the punishments for forgery?

In North Carolina, any act of forgery is considered a serious offense. Outside of forged certificates pertaining to a person's education, all other acts of forgery are considered felony offenses. First, it may help to understand what is considered forgery. Forgery is possessing, altering or creating specific replicas of instruments used with the intent of fraudulent gain. Forgeries can be uttered, which essentially means it is used for gain and it can be sold or transferred and in doing so, can be considered a felony.

Ambiguity in federal fraud law at center of NY decision, P.1

For those who are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system, it is sometimes assumed that prosecutors have a correct understanding of the laws under which they seek convictions. This isn’t always true, though. Prosecutors can sometimes be mistaken in their interpretation of the law, particularly if the law is ambiguous.

Reality show dance teacher accused of bankruptcy fraud

In a previous post we mentioned that a variety of alleged activities are considered white collar crimes. While in that particular post we wrote about the white collar crime of embezzlement, fraud is another activity that someone could find they are facing criminal charges in connection with.

Authorities indicate white collar crimes often follow patterns

There are many different activities that fall under the umbrella of white collar crimes. Embezzlement is one of them. Though the victims of white collar crimes experience financial, not physical harm, the crimes are taken very seriously and if convicted, those facing charges could end up on the receiving end of a harsh sentence.

Penalties for white collar crimes can be serious too

Though not crimes that are violent in nature, individuals who are accused of committing a white collar crime should nonetheless take the charges seriously. This is because, if convicted, the penalties can be harsh. This is particularly true when a case is charged at the federal level. Many different crimes fall under the umbrella of white collar crimes including a variety of different types of fraud.

White collar crimes: North Carolina insider trading

When a person in North Carolina hears of "insider trading," they may think of the infamous Martha Stewart case. The businesswoman and television star was convicted of and served jail time for insider trading. Yet, it is important to remember that there are both legal forms of insider trading and illegal forms of insider trading.

What constitutes embezzlement in North Carolina?

Being accused of a white collar crime in North Carolina can be a devastating blow. Not only does one face penalties such as incarceration and fines, but they may also find their professional reputation has been torn to shreds. Unfortunately, people are quick to judge even before a trial, and a person accused of a white collar crime might not only lose their job, but find that their future job prospects are bleak as well. For these reasons, it is important to understand the various types of white collar crimes. One of these crimes is embezzlement.

North Carolina husband and wife face charges of insurance fraud

White-collar crimes, such as embezzlement, tax fraud, identity theft or insurance fraud occur every day in North Carolina. These crimes are taken very seriously by the authorities, so it is important to understand how to defend against such allegations.

What forms can mortgage fraud take?

Mortgage fraud came to be front-and-center in the public's gaze in the aftermath of the housing crisis. In light of this, federal authorities have been remarkably aggressive in recent years in their prosecution of individuals suspected of mortgage fraud. Accusations of this type of fraud can result in a person facing federal charges, such as charges of bank fraud, wire fraud or conspiracy. Significant potential sentences are attached to these sorts of charges.

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