Dangerous Dog Attacks

The pit bull isn't the only vicious dog breed with the reputation of attacking vulnerable, unsuspecting adults and children. Any suddenly angered, unrestrained animal can lash out, leaving physical disfigurement and emotional trauma behind, to say nothing of grueling therapies and mounting medical bills.

Were you or your child the victim of a dangerous dog attack? Are you seeking to recover financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, cosmetic surgery, pain and suffering, and emotional problems?

If your goals are to restore your health and peace of mind, remember this: the stronger your attorney, the stronger your case against negligent owners of dogs.

Those strong personal injury lawyers are ready to talk to you right now - at Woody White Law PLLC in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Woody White has helped people like you, injured accident victims from all walks of life, for decades. This skilled legal team has been to the homes and hospital rooms of victims of violent animal attacks, seen the devastation they cause and worked hard to obtain maximum financial compensation for these deserving clients.

Our knowledgeable, compassionate premises liability lawyers hold animal owners accountable for their legal obligation to keep potentially dangerous dogs out of harm's way when a letter carrier, delivery person or family friend steps onto property patrolled by an unrestrained dog. We listen to your version of events, bring fact-finding to insurers for dog owners and aggressively litigate in court, if needed, to protect your rights.


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