Commercial Vehicle Accidents

There are many different types of commercial vehicles, including delivery trucks, commercial vans and 18-wheelers. Commercial vehicles are driven by truck drivers who are responsible for following federal and state trucking regulations. When truck drivers overlook or ignore the regulations, innocent motorists can be injured or killed by trucks and vans much larger than a passenger vehicle. Woody White Law PLLC , in Wilmington, seeks maximum money damages for people injured by commercial vehicles.

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Commercial vehicles such as service vehicles, courier vans and delivery trucks are driven by drivers who are employed by a company. When an accident with injuries occurs, several parties can be held liable for the injuries. The van or truck driver could be responsible for negligent driving, the trucking company could be responsible for negligent hiring practices and a manufacturer of a truck component could be responsible for a defect that caused the accident. As your attorneys, we launch a thorough investigation into the cause of the truck accident and hold the negligent party or parties responsible.

Woody White Law PLLC is a prominent personal injury litigation firm with extensive knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMCSA) as well as North Carolina's trucking laws. Partnering with accident investigators, medical experts, financial specialists and other experts, we gather evidence for a full and fair recovery of money damages. Talk to one of our lawyers today if you have been injured in any of the following types of commercial vehicle accidents:

  • Tractor-trailer accident
  • Service vehicle accident
  • Courier van accident
  • Work van accident
  • Delivery truck accident


With our experience, we know that commercial vehicle accidents can result in catastrophic injury and death. We have the dedication, knowledge and resources to see your claim through to a successful result.

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