Seriously Injured In An Accident Caused By Negligence? Woody White Law PLLC Can Help.

Recovering physically, mentally and emotionally from injuries suffered in an accident is a job in itself. The need to recover financially — from lost wages, medical bills, replacement of a damaged car or truck — is another burden that many accident victims face.

If this situation sounds familiar, if a careless driver or irresponsible property owner caused an accident that made your life miserable, the compassionate help you need is just a phone call away.

Do not wait. While you are focusing on your physical recovery, you need aggressive attorneys with a proven track record of success, fighting for you against the insurance companies. It is also VERY IMPORTANT that your attorneys collect evidence as early as possible — photographs, accident reports, witness interviews, etc. — in order to present the strongest case possible, when the time is right. Over time, evidence goes away. Good lawyers know how important it is to act quickly, preserve evidence and protect their client's interests.

In Wilmington and New Hanover County, Pender and Brunswick Counties, the experienced personal injury lawyers to contact after a serious accident injury — on a busy highway, on unsafe property or on the job — are Woody White and James Blanton of the Woody White Law PLLC law firm.

Look to us for sound guidance, solid support and aggressive advocacy throughout the legal process — from in-depth accident investigation of your motor vehicle accident to skillful negotiations with insurance companies and litigation that may be needed to secure the maximum financial compensation you deserve.

Seeking Financial Compensation For Accident Expenses, And Pain And Suffering? The Stronger Your Personal Injury Attorney, The Stronger Your Case.

Woody White Law PLLC is a full-service personal injury law office. We provide aggressive advocacy from the moment you report your accident to the damage award settlement or favorable trial outcome we always seek. Our clients include victims who have sustained serious and catastrophic injuries, and families mourning the wrongful deaths of relatives. The contingency fee basis for our work frees you of all responsibility for attorney fees unless we win your case.

The person who caused all your pain and discomfort will have aggressive insurance adjustors and lawyers fighting for them. So should you. Call Woody White Law PLLC from wherever you are in North Carolina: 910-338-4900 in Greater Wilmington or toll free at 866-677-8525. Our attorneys are also available by email.

Woody White

Woody White

Woody White is an experienced civil Trial Attorney, and has earned a reputation as an aggressive advocate, taking – and winning – cases before juries in both State and Federal Court. Getting the verdict that you deserve requires experience and Woody White has a proven track record of success.

James Baxter Blanton

James Blanton

Attorney James Blanton is a former state prosecutor, having served as an Assistant District Attorney in the New Hanover County prosecutor's office. He also served as a federal prosecutor, serving as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of North Carolina.