Criminal Defense Client Testimonials

Mr. White was retained to represent our son regarding allegations of felony conversion and forgery. The climate that Mr. White established from the onset and during our first meeting was indicative of the kind of legal representation that one should expect and receive from their attorney. Mr. White's representation and personal interaction with us far exceeded what we could have ever expected or hoped for.

Not only was Mr. White very attentive when discussing our son's legal matters, he was straightforward and very honest with him in his assessment of the situation throughout. At every turn..., Mr. White kept us up to date and informed. Fully understanding that he was a very engaged with other cases and civic responsibilities, he was timely and responsive to any and every questions or concerns we posed by emails and phone calls. In fact, we cannot recall ever not receiving an immediate response to any emails nor follow-up phone calls.

Noteworthy, Mr. White's understanding and genuine concern for how young people sometimes naively get themselves into dumb situations, coupled with his compassion and his efforts, our son's legal matter was resolved favorably. More importantly, Mr. White's direct approach in discussing the matter throughout with him has proven to be an invaluable lesson learned.

Words cannot describe the immense gratitude and appreciation that we feel for Mr. White and his team. We thank you again for all that you've done, and I personally thank you for reaffirming a code that I've tried to live by and instill in our son as well as others, "Droit et Avant" (Be Right and Go Forward)."

"During this past summer, I received a citation for misdemeanor offense while in downtown Wilmington. The officer who wrote me the ticket told me that because I was military, sober/DD, & apparently had seen me wait until any remaining people had walked by, if I accepted being guilty, all that would be required would be to get online and pay a $25 fine. After being unable to make the payment online, I called the Clerk of Court who informed me that since it was a misdemeanor I would still have to appear in front of a judge before paying a fine.

I appeared in court early, unrepresented, thinking I was simply going to pay my fine and leave. When the judge asked if I had anything I wanted to explain, again based on recommendation from the officer I replied "No ma'am," and was promptly sentenced to perform community service, pay a significant fine, and 10 months of supervised probation. Before that day, I had a totally clean record, and had never even seen the inside of a court room so I was completely shocked at the outcome; especially considering the information I had been given.

Mr. White was recommended to me by another family member, and within 6 hours of my contacting him, giving him a short biography and event synopsis, he had spoken with the DA gotten the charges dropped only regret was not seeking his representation sooner. DON'T GO IN FRONT OF A JUDGE UNREPRESENTED. Mr. White and his staff were courteous, professional, & prompt. They treated my case with the same attitude I would have had I been able to do so on my own. I HIGHLY recommend their services to anyone seeking representation in the Wilmington area!!!"

"I had gotten myself into a bad situation, Mr. White was there the whole time with experienced legal advice. He was always easy to talk to and contact, making me sure that the outcome would be the best he could do. Taking his advice, he led me through a couple months of court dates working hard on my case each time and answering any questions I had. Ultimately he did what he said, and through his persistence he was able to get me the best outcome possible. I am forever grateful for the outstanding service and dedication that Mr. White puts into all of his work and clients. I would recommend him to all of my friends if they were in a legal battle."

"My case was handled very professional from the beginning to the very end. The staff was very congenial and polite. I would strongly recommend my friends to Mr. Woody White. Thank you Mr. Woody White and Jan for a job well done. One word can sum up the whole service 'Outstanding.'"

"Dear Jan, Thank you and your staff for all of your help. I was treated with the up most respect. Mr. White was very clear what direction he would be going to do the best for me. So glad I had Mr. White and his staff to represent me. Regards,"

"Filing of false Domestic Violence charges against me - Approximately mid year 2010, I was charged by my current wife with domestic violence against her. She claimed bruises were done by me when they were not. Additionally, the claim was for events that occurred over a year prior. Unbeknown to me she had photos made of her bruises caused by her drunken state at the time and blamed me. Subsequent to this secretive evidence, we went on trips, Mediterranean cruises and such. Not once was there a word to me of this until she decided to file DV charges against me and attempt to extort more money in court battles fighting our existing pre-nuptial agreement. Frank discussions of these events with Woody White led me to believe that first he understood the details of the happenings, he then evaluated with me all the possible ramifications which without competent counsel would cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars based on possible interpretations of the prenup due to these charges. Woody was able to obtain confidential medical records and upon review found the charges to be false. After a lengthy court case when all the evidence was presented by Woody and applying detailed interpretation of the medical records to the case, my wife's domestic violence charge was denied. Woody saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars and I truly believe that my outcome would have been very different and not in my favor without his expertise, understanding of the law and application of his intuitive insight. I have at this point a signed Separation Agreement and am able to live my life with my original good reputation intact."

"Wonderful Lawyer - Woody White - I was recently represented by Mr. Woody White in a case where a positive outcome for me appeared to be remote, at best. Mr. White, however, was determined not to go down without a fight. He explored every fact in my case with incredible attention to detail. His preparation proved to be vital when my court date arrived. It was apparent that he was confident in the facts and the court agreed with us. My family and I were ecstatic, to say the least. Mr. White is very professional and knowledgeable. He, as well as his staff, also truly care about your well-being and your future. Choosing Mr. Woody White as my attorney was without question the best decision I ever made."

"This letter would have come to you regardless of the outcome. What you were able to accomplish is a great thing. You are a very effective person and it gives me a proud sense to say I've met you. What you have done will undoubtedly change my life. I only hope and strive to be as effective in helping to change other's lives. Throughout my life you will arise in my thoughts as an example of how a difference can be made. This is a lesson I shall always remember. Thank you."

"Mr. W. White represented our son, a college student during a recent DWI case in Wilmington. Prior to our case being scheduled Mr. White took the time to interview our son and to thoroughly review the details of the case as presented by our son and the police officer's report. After careful review, Mr. White suggested that we go to trial as he believed my son was stopped illegally, this being a violation of his 4th amendment right. During the trial Mr. White was able to clearly demonstrate by a careful comparison of the police report and the video tape made in the patrol car of the stop, that in fact, my son had been pulled over illegally. Therefore, the case was dismissed. Since we are also from out of state it would have been easy for Mr. White to have my son plead guilty and take his fee as some would no doubt do. Mr. White was honest, caring and professional before and during the entire process and my family is grateful for his exemplary service and professionalism. Highly recommended."
D.B. New Jersey

"Mr. White, Both my parents and I would like to thank you for representing me in a professional and caring manner leading up to my trial date and during the proceedings. It is because of your experience and professional approach to the case that you were able to convince the judge to dismiss my case on a violation of the 4th amendment. Other attorneys of a lesser caliber would have had me plead guilty and collect their fee. Thank you for your outstanding effort."

"We appreciate the professional service received from Woody White and his staff. We were advised of the status of our case every step of the process. Our case was emotional for us but could have been construed as trivial. Woody and his staff were very understanding."

"Thank you for being so helpful and kind through this whole process. Everyone made me feel comfortable and helped me clearly understand my entire case. I cannot thank Mr. White enough!"

"I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the way that Woody treated and advised me through an extremely difficult situation. He is extremely professional and does not impose any personal judgment when dealing with his clients. I was given a second chance due to the personal representation Woody provided. I will forever be grateful and would recommend his office to anyone in need of legal defense services."

"Since this is the first time I've been involved in any sort of litigation, I really appreciated how Woody and Jan took the time to explain the way the process worked. They were very good at keeping the lines of communication open, and were very clear about what they needed from me to proceed to the best possible outcome. Woody took into consideration what was most important to me about my case, and that's what he went after and made happen. I'm very happy with the outcome of my case, and so glad to have had such an understanding attorney helping me along the way."

"Woody helped me get my life back by helping me clear up some personal legal matters from my past. He was extremely helpful, professional, understanding and kept me informed every step of the way. He explained the entire process to me, including the potential outcome. He was very accessible and always took my calls when he was in the office. He treated me with respect. He knows the law like the back of his hand. I highly recommend his services for any of your legal needs. Thanks Woody!"

"I am very pleased with how Mr. White handled my case. He did exactly what he said he was going to do.

I am sure this is due to his many years of experience. His staff is very professional, courteous, and kind and kept me informed about the case. I definitely would recommend him to anyone needing an attorney, especially with a criminal case.

"Woody White is a respectable, compassionate attorney. I felt as though I was his only client. He provided one on one attention, did the necessary research, and really knew how to handle the witnesses on the stand. I honestly am unable to find the words to express how excellent he is, and how much he did to help my family and me. We will turn to Mr. White for any legal matter that arises, as he is able to take on almost any angle of the legal system. We are very thankful that we found and chose Mr. White to represent us in the courtroom."

"Woody White has represented me and/or my friends and associates on many matters of everyday family and business life. He has always come through for us. His advice and follow through have always been right on target. He has also been readily available and willing to take on any adversary. His courtroom manner is professional and courteous, but he leaves nothing behind when fighting for his client.

I have had the good fortune to know Woody White for almost 15 years and I know him to be conscientious and honest, two of the most important qualities necessary in effective legal representation. I strongly recommend Woody White."

"I am a small business owner who recently had a contract dispute with a client. Woody took the time to talk with me so that he could fully understand the situation. I was truly impressed with his dedication to my case, and pleasantly surprised by the openness and frequency of communication as things developed. I came to rely on Woody and his calm demeanor as a steady and rational counselor during an extremely emotionally-charged time for me. Ultimately, my case came to a favorable conclusion, due in no small part to Woody's knowledge of the law, perseverance, patience and strategic planning. I truly felt that my case was important to him, and for that I am very grateful."

"I found Mr. White to be a great listener who makes a point to know and understand his client's business. He returns phone calls promptly and is always available and accessible. Because he knows the law, he is able to do legal work effectively and efficiently. Mr. White always kept his promises about when the work would be completed. But perhaps most importantly, he cares about his clients and is very loyal to them."

"I write this recommendation with the utmost respect and gratitude for Woody White of Woody White Law PLLC Mr. White went above and beyond my expectations in a legal matter that arose unexpectedly. I felt I was always kept up to date on the status of this matter and my opinion was sought after and respected.

I could not have asked for a better advocate on my behalf."

"When my family unexpectedly needed an attorney, Mr. White took our case and guided us through a very painful time. He was great to work with, keeping us informed and up to date on what was going on. I found his staff to be kind and helpful as well. Mr. White was very accessible, returning emails and phone calls almost immediately. I highly recommend Woody White to anyone who needs to hire an attorney."

"Two years ago when I lost my husband at the hand of an impaired driver, I retained Mr. Woody White. He showed understanding and compassion, assuring me a personal conviction to put his best effort into the challenges I faced. I found him to be an outstanding attorney who exemplified the highest standards and strength of character. He displayed integrity and honesty, with an open mind for always listening to my needs. Mr. White would be a great asset for anyone in need of legal assistance. He is extremely intelligent, showing high ambition for meeting the needs of his clients. Whether it is presenting issues in a case, or giving advice, his comments always demonstrate an educated wisdom. Through the process of all the litigation, Mr. White became not only a lawyer I could rely on for life, but he also became my valued friend."

"I would recommend no one else other than Woody White to anyone in need of an attorney. I have had the privilege of working for Woody and his family for many years now. Woody is very professional and thorough with all of his work while still very compassionate and has the best interest of the client in mind at all times."

"Following a tragic auto accident, I contacted Mr. White for his expertise and assistance in recovering personal as well as property damages. Mr. White was very professional, expedient and helpful in these claims. He was instrumental in recovering losses due to my accident as I received more than I would have been able to negotiate myself. In addition, I have recently formed a Limited Liability Company in the State of North Carolina. Mr. White and his staff handled all the necessary procedures to achieve this. It was a seemingly flawless task and now I am able to perform duties associated with this LLC."

"If you need a lawyer, Woody White would be my choice. My family has known Woody for many years, both personally and professionally. He is not only a brilliant lawyer, he truly cares about people. Woody uses both his intelligence and his heart to find the best solution to a problem. I can't think of anyone I would rather have in my corner when faced with a problem."