Shoplifting, Concealment And Embezzlement

Penalties for shoplifting, larceny, embezzlement or any other type of theft are serious and could severely damage your reputation, job prospects or plans for school. Woody White Law PLLC has the experience, knowledge and skill to help you get the best possible outcome. Our firm has handled thousands of these cases over the years, defending clients of all ages in southeastern North Carolina. By providing our clients with the best possible defenses, we have been successful in helping clients save their criminal record and expunging the charges completely.

Aggressive Defense For Students Accused Of Shoplifting In Wilmington

Wilmington is home to a university (UNCW) and a community college (CFCC). Often, students and other young people find themselves in trouble over accusations of stealing from Wal-Mart, Best-Buy or any of the thousands of local stores in Wilmington. In these cases, sometimes the person is wrongly accused. Other times, perhaps the person is guilty, but regrets the decisions he or she made. Most of the time, if you have a court date for shoplifting, concealing merchandise, embezzlement or other related offenses, WE CAN HELP YOU AVOID A CONVICTION!

Depending on the circumstances, you may even be eligible for an expunction of the public record, thereby avoiding the embarrassment later of an employer or graduate school admissions committee finding out. You will need an experienced lawyer who can provide you with the best possible defense, so call us and we will explain your options and answer all your questions.

When it comes to your defense, who you hire matters. Our lawyers are known for being strong advocates for their clients. With a board-certified specialist on staff, our clients can expect a rigorous defense from our lawyers. We make it a priority to remain accessible and responsive to our clients' questions and concerns.

Woody White, Board-Certified Specialist In State Criminal Law

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