Fake IDs

Do not let a fake ID possession charge damage your future. When you have been charged with possession of a fake ID, underage drinking, underage DWI/DUI or a related criminal offense, a calm, capable and experienced criminal defense attorney can give you peace of mind when you need it most. At Woody White Law Firm PLLC, we are here to answer all of your questions about the charges, what you are up against, the potential penalties you face and the defense options available.

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While fighting fake ID possession charges at our Wilmington-based law firm, our attorneys provide you with the personalized attention and guidance you need along the way. We clearly explain the law and how it applies to your situation.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer CAN make a difference when you have been charged with possessing or using a fake ID.

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North Carolina Laws On Fake ID Possession

In North Carolina, the law makes it a criminal offense to simply possess a fake ID - whether you have used it or not. Woody White Law Firm PLLC defends college students, high school students and other clients who have been charged with:

When So Much Is At Stake, You Need Experience And Knowledge On Your Side

If convicted for possession of a fake ID, you will face mandatory license suspension without the possibility of obtaining a restricted license (hardship license). In addition, there are far more severe collateral consequences to consider. Your entire future will be tainted by the fake ID conviction on your criminal record. You may face constant concern over your past when filling out job applications, college applications and beyond. We recognize the significance of your driving privileges to your livelihood and the importance of a clean record to your future.

Attorney Woody White is highly effective in negotiating favorable solutions with the prosecutor - frequently resulting in dismissed charges or a deferral where the charge stays off your record once you have completed probation.

While we can never promise a specific outcome in your fake ID or underage drinking case, we can promise that with our attorneys on your side, you will have a lawyer who is determined to do everything possible to protect your driving privileges and your criminal record.

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