Reckless And Careless Driving Should Not Cost You Your License

Home to a vibrant university and community college population, as well as being a destination for visitors from throughout North Carolina, the Wilmington area also serves as the state capital of car wrecks. More car wrecks, per capita, occur in Wilmington than in any other city in North Carolina.

Many of our clients come to us concerned about actual or potential charges for reckless driving arising out of those accidents. The law firm of Woody White Law PLLC holds years of experience successfully advising clients with respect to some of their most difficult legal problems, including reckless driving charges.

Experience Counts When Fighting Dangerous Driving Charges

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys accept a wide variety of reckless driving cases, including those cases related to willful speed competitions and dangerous driving. We can provide clients with attorneys experienced specifically in criminal defense matters.

Attorney Woody White is recognized as a board-certified specialist in federal and state criminal law. Our entire law firm draws on the extensive criminal defense experience held by our attorneys in providing our clients with sound legal advice tailored to their individual circumstances.

As part of these client-centered legal services, our attorneys provide you with the benefit of their seasoned legal judgment in helping you understand all of your available legal options. You can then confidently choose from these options, knowing that you have been informed by experienced legal advisers.

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