Money Laundering

The law firm of Woody White Law PLLC protects the rights of citizens under suspicion for money laundering. Often, we protect not only the people directly engaged in the money laundering, but also their spouses and other loved ones.

We provide our federal criminal defense clients with the value of a legal team that understands how the other side thinks. We draw, in particular, on the experience of attorney Woody White. Attorney White is a board-certified specialist in federal and state criminal law.

What Constitutes Money Laundering

Money laundering is used to describe any effort to conceal where money came from. Frequently it is associated with concealing ill-gotten gains from a criminal enterprise. Individuals accused of money laundering are not always guilty of committing a crime. Aggressive investigation of financial transactions by federal law enforcement has resulted in an increase in prosecutions for money laundering. Unfortunately, many individuals and businesses that handle large amounts of cash are falsely accused. To protect themselves and their reputations, they need an attorney who understands how money laundering cases are assembled and how to defend against them.

Money Laundering Charges: Experienced Federal Defense Attorneys

Clients rely on our seasoned legal judgment to make confident decisions about their futures. They often contact us after having received a letter from the federal government regarding supposed violations of the laws regarding money laundering. Have you received a Target Letter?

If you have received such a letter, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible so we can advise you as to all of your available legal options. In some situations, you may receive a request to testify as a witness in a federal grand jury. Even if you are not the focus of a federal investigation, be aware that the federal government is not there to protect your rights in this situation. We can be.

Federal Money Laundering Defense: Wilmington Attorneys Serving North Carolina

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